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Wood Chipper Shredder

The HXBC1000 wood chipper shredder is driven by diesel engine power. The wood chipper shredder can be towed by vehicles to worksites. It is convenient wood shredding equipment and for the recycling of tree brances after trimming.

Application of Wood Chipper Shredder
This mobile wood chipper is primarily used to chip branches, undersized logs, wood cutting debris and shrubs.

Optional Configurations
1. Power of diesel
2. Output production capacity

Features of Wood Chipper Shredder

  • Programing processes controlling the chipping machine during operation
  • The diesel engine is sourced form a welll-known brand and is both powerful and durable
  • User friendly operation for chipping and shredding of wood , and easy to transport to the work site by car, pick up truck or light truck
  • Safety is secured, installing brake connector, steering lights, emergency stop and support legs.
Parameters of Wood Chipper Shredder
Model HXBC1000 HXBC1500
Diesel Engine Yuchai Yuchai
Total Power 90 kw (120hp) 180kw (240hp)
Fuel Diesel Diesel
Blade (pcs) 2 2
Bottom Blade (pcs) 1 1
Inlet Size (mm) 440 x 380 500 x 500
Wood Maximum Diameter (mm) 250 300
Outlet Chute Height (mm) 2700 2700
Outlet Chute Rotation Angle 3600 3600
Chips Size (mm) <30 <30
Wheel Dual Wheel Dual Wheel
Capability (t/h) 5-8 8-10
Dimension (L x W x H mm) 3800x1600x2700 4500 x 2100 x 3000
Weight (T) 2.8 4.2
Packing 1 x 20'GP 1 x 20'GP

More details of the Wood Chipper Shredder
When designing the machine, engineers took careful consideration of the safety of the feeding system, as well as the speed detection and feedback systems, in order to ensure pressure stress was reduced on engine parts, and that the operator's work efficiency was improved. If the feeding material is too big or too hard, or the diesel engine overloads, the system will switch from continuous feeding to intermittent feeding. If jamming occurs, the operator can control the machine manually, and reverse the feeding roller. The diesel engine waste gas is connected directly to the chipping chamber, which increases the discharge power. When the mobile wood chipper is operating, material can be chipped quickly and effectively inside the chipping chamber. The machine itself is strong and durable, with a high production capacity, low energy consumption, and uniform chipping quality. It is also low noise, emits zero pollution, and is easy to operate and maintain.

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