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    1. Wood Log Debarker Our wood log debarker or wood log bark peeling machine, is used for peeling off the bark of the tree. This machine is newly designed to improve the working function. The open silo and assembly line operate by feeding the log from one end to the other, discharging at the other end. The machine features high working efficiency.
    1. Wood Chipper Raw material for mobile drum wood chippers usually consist of undersized logs, wood cutting residue, wood processing residue and non-wood material. Drum wood chippers are specialized equipment used for producing wood chips in wood factories, and are widely used to prepare raw material in chipboard plants, fiberboard plants, and paper making plants.
    1. Horizontal Grinder The Hongxing Horizontal Grinder is used for processing items such as,CD disc debris, green waste, industrial wood trash and tree bark. These items are to be recycled into fine granules for the preparation of manufacturing new production materials. The Horizontal grinder may be called a wood crushing machine, wood powder making machine, or multifunction industrial waste disposal equipment.
    1. Wood Chipper Shredder The HXBC1000 wood chipper shredder is driven by diesel engine power. The wood chipper shredder can be towed by vehicles to worksites. It is convenient wood shredding equipment and for the recycling of tree brances after trimming. This mobile wood chipper is primarily used to chip branches, undersized logs, wood cutting debris and shrubs.
    1. Wood Crusher For clients concerned with the removal of stumps or roots after having removed trees, a wood crusher is an ideal choice, as it reduces and reuses waste, turning that waste into natural resources by producing wood chips. It features a number of attractive features, listed below. Wood crushers are primarily used to crush stumps, roots and other large sized forest waste.
    1. Wood Hammer Mill The Hongxin Hammer Mill is heavy duty hammermill whichis connected with a feeding conveyer system. The hammer mill is a kind wood crushing machines, since the wood crushing machine can also complete the jobs of chipping and hammering, so the crushing machine may also be called a wood chipper or wood hammermil This machine crushes the wood or wood chip sawdust into fine powder.
    1. Wood Pellet Mill This wood pellet mill is a vertical pellet mill with the feed hopper installed on top of the wood pellet mill machine. A large space is not required for this machine. Our pellet mill is used as a part of other production lines such as biomass, biofuel, biogas, and the engineering wood manufacturing industry. The machine is also called a wood pellet making machine because it creates pellets from wood.

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