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Wood Crusher

 Wood Crusher

For clients concerned with the removal of stumps or roots after having removed trees, a wood crusher is an ideal choice, as it reduces and reuses waste, turning that waste into natural resources by producing wood chips. It features a number of attractive features, listed below.

1. Compact structure
2. Maintainability
3. Hydraulic type turnover for the work bin

Optional Configurations
1. Can be mobile or stationary
2. Can be diesel or electricity powered

Application of Wood Crusher
Wood crushers are primarily used to crush stumps, roots and other large sized forest waste.

Parameters of Wood Crusher
Model HX3000 HX3300 HX3600
Blade diameter (mm) 650 750 750
Speed (r∕m) 960 960 1405
Rotor type 2blades rotor, 6 pieces of blades, or customized 2 blades rotor, 6 pieces of blades, or customized 2 blades rotor, 6 pieces of blades, or customized
Screen mesh size (mm) Φ 50, or customized Φ 50, or customized Φ 50, or customized
Main power (kw) 160 220 250
Oil power (kw) 3 3 3
Feeding power (kw) 5.5 7.5 7.5
Discharging power (kw) 5.5 7.5 7.5
Input size (mm) Up 3000 Down 1600 Up 3300 Down 2000 Up 3600, Down 2300
Max. material diameter (mm) 1200 1600 2100
Conveyor belt size (m) 10 10 10
Capacity (t∕h) 10-15 15-20 20-25
Weight (t) 9 20 25
Packing 1x40'FR 1x40'FR 1x40'FR+1x20'GP

Advantages of Wood Crusher

  • Large feeding opening and crushing chamber, so wide range of application
  • Feeding opening is driven by chain, so compact structure
  • Crushing chamber is turned over by hydraulic system, so easy maintenance
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