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Wood Hammer Mill

 Wood Hammer Mill

Hongxin Hammer Mill
Hongxin hammer mill, featuring heavy duty, is equipped with bag house and discharge device of centrifugal dust separator. Though being a kind of wood grinding machine, it could also be used to making sawdust, so we also named as a sawdust machine. Besides that, it could also complete shocking, shearing, colliding and grinding processes to get the final fibrous form sawdust.

Advantages of Wood Hammer Mill
1. The shell features welded-steel plate construction, and the main machine is embedded for an excellent sealed performance to avoid dust spillover and maintain a clean work environment.
2. The rotor is built in, to ensure a more efficient crushing performance with a uniform output size.
3. The forged hammers feature a symmetric homogeneous permutation, small vibration without blind angles, and a large crushing friction area. The wear resistant material behind the sieve has a large wrapping angle, and the blades are enhanced for better wear resistance and longer service life.
4. After balance testing, the rotor may operate in a reverse manner.
5. The draught fan's efficiency is maximized by faster pneumatic conveying and minimum wind resistance. The arc side door ensures easy observation and replacement of the screen, without running the risk of dust flying out.

Application of Wood Hammer Mill
The Hammer mill is widely used for crushing small logs, branches, roots, waste rubber, PVC foam boards, straw and weeds for biomass fuel factories, biomass power plants and chemical plants.

Optional Configurations
1. The quantity of cutting blade knives of the hammermill
2. Production power is optional
3. Output production capacity can be selected

Models  of Wood Hammer Mill
Type HX800 HX1000 HX1300 HX1600 HX2600
Rotor quantity (piece) Single Single Single Dual Dual
Blade number (piece) 48 72 88 188 196
Main power (kw) 55 75 110 75 X 2 110 X 2
Capacity (t∕h) 1-2 2-3 3-5 4-10 6-12
Input size (mm) 800x300 1000x300 1300x300 1000x300 1300x300
Weight (T) 2.5 3.2 4.3 6.5 7.8
Size (mm) 2250x1360x2800 2250x1560x2800 2400x2100x2850 3000x1900x1700 3500x2900x1700
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