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  • Company Profile

    You may look for machines for making something in the bio-industry and engineering wood industries or for making compost, biogas, biomass like that you want to chip or shred, crush things like wood, crop stalk, shell and tree branches, logs to convert to powder and you may need the following machine for making pellets, that is what Hongxing company is engaged in, manufacturing machines and equipment and production lines.

    Hongxing offers products such as the wood chipper, wood shredder, wood pellet mill, wood hammermill, wood grinders for businesses engaged in heat power industries, like biogas, biofuel like ethanol, recycling like cd debris and making wood powder used as raw material to generate other wood products like engineering wood, mulching compost, the machines we offer may be used no big scale paper mill for chipping and converting wood to powder before pulp.

  • Quality Control

    Rotor Test
    Each rotor undergoes a strict, dynamic balance test and static balance test in order to ensure the operational stability after the manufacturing and assembly processes have been completed.

    Factory Acceptance Test
    Each machine is fully tested before delivery to guarantee the performance will meet customer requirements.

  • Service

    Customized Engineering
    Because both raw materials for the machines, and machine usage vary from customer to customer, our engineers will customize machines for different markets. It is our goal to ensure customers receive the ideal product for their needs. Simplyprovide your requirements, and we'll take care of the rest, designing new machines based on actual requirements.

    On-Site Support
    No matter where in the world you are, we have technicians available to assist you in your facilities. We will send an engineer to assist in installation, debugging, training, repair and maintenance tasks.

Zouping County Hongxin Machinery Co., Ltd.

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