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Paper Mill
Log bark removal machines and disc chipper assembly lines are widely used in paper mills to produce uniform wood chips to make paper pulp. Our machinery debarking rate reaches up to 95%, and the chips are uniform in size, making them ideal for multiple application needs.

Wood Chip Mill
Drum wood chippers are specialized equipment used to produce wood chips in a wood factory, and are widely used to prepare raw materials in chipboard plants, fiberboard plants, and paper-making plants.

Raw materials used in the drum wood chipper include undersized logs, wood cutting residue (such as branches or twigs), wood processing residue (such as slabs, battens, wood cores and waste veneer), and non-wood material (such as flax, cotton stalk, reed and bamboo waste).

Biomass Power Plant
Horizontal grinders are widely used in biomass power plants to supply biofuel. Feedstock includes:
Building templates
Wood pallets
Wood waste
Wood board
As recycling is a huge industry, Hongxin equipment adds value to items that are considered wasteful in reducing and reusing, such as biomass waste in order to keep our neighborhoods clean.

Tree Care Jobs
Compared to similar products on the market today, the HXBC 100 offers the latest design in terms of power and safety for tree cutting work. Using a diesel engine with 90KW power, it is capable of handling difficult cutting work. In order to save refueling time and extend operation time between oiling, it is equipped with a 55 liter oil tank. The inlet is capable of handling material in a diameter of up to 30cm, making it an ideal choice for tree removal equipment rental companies and tree maintenance contractors.

Organic Fertilizer Plants
In order to process wood waste and convert it to organic fertilizer, two kinds of machinery are necessary: a wood chipper and a hammer mill.
Raw material for organic fertilizers include:
Agricultural and forestry waste (sawdust, branches)
Animal and fowl excrements (chicken dung, cow dung, horse dung, rabbit dung, other animal dung)
Industrial waste (vinasse, vinegar residue, cassava residue, sugar residue, furfural residue)
Household waste (kitchen waste)
City sludge (river muck, sewage sludge)
Plant product (bamboo powder, bamboo charcoal, bamboo ash, straw charcoal, plant ash)

This particular project shows promise in development, as it improves soil conditions and solves soil hardening problems often caused by chemical fertilizers. It enhances the soil capacity for water and fertilizer conservation, fertilizer supply, and provides overall nutrition to plants, as well as increasing and upgrading organic matter in the soil, leading to an overall lower environmental pollution.

Pellet Mills
Today, wood pellets are a main form of solid biomass fuels, and are available from a wide array of sources, including sawdust, wood chips, peat moors, bark chips, wheat straw, bagasse, paper and palm oil residues. These fuels are often composed of agricultural byproducts, including forest residue, paper and sawmill residue, farm litter, recycled material and several other organic sources.

Generating energy from biomass satisfies both global demands to reduce emissions, as well as recycling of biological waste from different production forms. This process is the solution to the serious problem of how to dispose of waste. Using wood pellet energy thus works towards solving two critical environmental issues, and is a popular choice from renewable energy sources.

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