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You may look for machines for making something in the bio-industry and engineering wood industries or for making compost, biogas, biomass like that you want to chip or shred, crush things like wood, crop stalk, shell and tree branches, logs to convert to powder and you may need the following machine for making pellets, that is what Hongxing company is engaged in, manufacturing machines and equipment and production lines.

Hongxing offers products such as the wood chipper, wood shredder, wood pellet mill, wood hammermill, wood grinders for businesses engaged in heat power industries, like biogas, biofuel like ethanol, recycling like cd debris and making wood powder used as raw material to generate other wood products like engineering wood, mulching compost, the machines we offer may be used no big scale paper mill for chipping and converting wood to powder before pulp.

For 16 years, we have specialized in the innovation and building of durable and high performance equipment. With an area of 40,000 square meters and more than 220 staff, including 120 specialized technicians and 8 senior engineers, Hongxin is proud to offer a full line of log debarkers, disc and drum wood chippers, brush chippers, horizontal grinders, sawdust machines, wood crushers, pellet mills and more.

Our equipment is designed to help the customer process and convert biomass into valuable, usable and environmentally friendly products. We design and manufacture a complete production line of wood chippers for paper mills, MDF board plants, density board plants and biomass power plants, wood pellets for biofuel, and wood sawdust for organic soil. These materials all serve as great replacements for traditional, chemical-filled products, protecting the environment in the process.

More about our company
1. We have established a complete quality control system, which operates in strict compliance with ISO9001 and other management systems for each step of our production process, from manufacturing and inspection, all the way to delivery and after-sales services.
2. We are the designated manufacturer for the top 3 largest biomass power plants in China, proving our dedication to both quality and commitment to environmental conservation.
3. Not only do we supply qualified, CE approved machines, but we also provide reliable, quick and friendly after-sales service and technology support. We can also design and manufacture customized machines to meet all customer requirements.

With a complete understanding of the requirements of both our customers and the industry, we offer defect-free equipment and services which meet a wide array of needs, each and every time.

Zouping County Hongxin Machinery Co., Ltd.

Add.: Yuancheng, Changshan Town, Zouping County, Shandong Province, China
Fax: +86-543-4832130