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Spare Part Supply
1. One extra set of wear parts will be shipped with the main machine.
2. Hongxin Machinery offers a wide array of durable and reliable replacement parts to ensure customers get the most out of their production with less downtime.
3. The parts are delivered quickly and efficiently.

The blade is an essential chipping component of the blade rotor machine, making it suitable for pure biomass material such as logs, branches and straw.
It is made of A8 or H13 alloy and has a service life of over 5,000 hours.

Within the hammer rotor machine, the hammer is an important component. Hammer rotor machines are applicable for other forms of biomass material, such as wood pellets or building templates.
It is made of YT15 alloy and features a service life of over 5,000 hours.

Dead Knife
Oversized output material will be crushed again by the dead knife. The knife is made of 6CrW2Si, with heat-treated hardness HRC54~59. The service life of the dead knife is 3,000 hours.

The screen controls the output size. Oversized output material will remain inside the chipping chamber. Using independent welding, the screen is more durable than other similar products on the market today, and features a service life of 2500 hours.

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